Launch of Turnstone

Launch of Turnstone

Launch of Turnstone 887 536 Tertnes Holding

«Turnstone Private Equity is launched. Turnstone is an asset management company specializing in the secondary market for private equity funds in Northern Europe. We will occasionally invest in primary funds and direct investments but concentrate on secondaries in which the team has a strong track record and extensive experience, going back to 2009. The Turnstone team includes five of my dear colleagues from Argentum. These constituted the majority of the Argentum investment team at the time I ended my tenure as CEO & CIO. In my view, this is perhaps the strongest secondary team to be seen in Northern Europe and I am extremely proud and humbled that they have quitted their jobs to start this venture with me.» – Joachim Høegh-Krohn

«Turnstone will be headed by Daniel Rygg (42) as Managing Partner. Daniel has led Argentum´s secondary team since the beginning in 2009 and is perhaps the most experienced investment professional in this area in the Nordics. Before he joined Argentum he was with Goldman Sachs in London. With him is Oda Knudsen (30), his deputy at Argentum and an extremely effective and accomplished Investment Director, and Henrik Finsrud (25), Investment Manager, one of the most efficient and smartest young persons I have met. Stefan Vikøyr (31) has also joined the team. Stefan was the Deputy Head of Primaries at Argentum and has an extensive network and an intriguing ability to find attractive deals. Finally, we are joined by Henning Fredriksen (56) as Partner & CFO. Henning was the Head of Concentrated Deals at Argentum and has some of the strongest track records out there with over 50% IRR in 2021. My role will be as Senior Partner, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer. Together with our sponsors, we will own Turnstone Private Equity between us.» – Joachim Høegh-Krohn

«We are raising our first fund, Turnstone Fund I, for professional investors in these days. We think the market opportunity for such a fund is strong. Our deal flow has been quite overwhelming with a large number of potential deals received already. With the team´s network, experience and knowledge of the secondary markets and private equity, I am confident that Turnstone Fund I will be successful. You are welcome to make contact.» – Joachim Høegh-Kroh

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